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Communication and Teamwork in the Workplace

Self-awareness is the cornerstone of personal effectiveness. For a group to communicate effectively, everyone must be aware of their own preferences and be able to flex in relation to the perspectives of their team members. This course will introduce a tool called Insights Discovery, a powerful preference-based framework that uses colour as a common language. Insights helps people understand themselves and their colleagues so that they can have more respectful, productive, and positive working relationships, even across virtual boundaries.

CSS and HTML5 Fundamentals

Learn how to create state-of-the-art websites using modern CSS3 and HTML5 techniques. Take your existing HTML skills to the next level and start building sites like the pros. If you want to survive and excel in the fast-paced world of web publishing, you're going to need to keep up with ever-evolving standards. The new standard for web developers is to use CSS3 and HTML5.

CSS3 and HTML5 not only make it easier for you to build and manage large websites, these powerful languages can also give you more precise control over the appearance of every page you build. Almost every web development tool, including Dreamweaver, Microsoft Expressions Web, and Visual Web Developer, offer support for CSS3 and HTML5.

This course will provide you with the foundation you will need to master two critical and fast-growing new web languages. If you're a web developer, why not begin your transition to CSS3 and HTML5 today?

Cybersecurity and Technology Fundamentals

This self-paced course is designed to help you increase your knowledge of cybersecurity and technology fundamentals to fill knowledge gaps in your current role or pursue an entry-level career in this in-demand field. We answer questions around what cybersecurity is, what an operating system does and the most common types, cloud computing, and many other topics related to cybersecurity foundations.

You will have the opportunity to develop your foundational cybersecurity skills through hands-on demonstrations as you follow along with the instructor videos, learn time-saving tips to increase your efficiency, and establish best practices.

Database Development and Applications

A number of powerful tools are available to help you build databases and database applications. However, if you do not apply a systematic, structured approach to the use of those tools, you will probably produce systems that fail to meet user needs. Many projects bog down or are never completed for lack of a disciplined approach to development.

This course will guide you step-by-step through all the phases of a system development project to guarantee that the resulting product will not only work as it was designed to work, but also that the design truly responds to user needs.

DEVS 392 Selected Topics: Agricultural Systems and Development

(CRN 22151) This course explores the social, economic and environmental relationships underpinning global food and agricultural systems, who benefits and who is harmed in these relationships, the ecosystem necessary to supply the human population with food essential to its survival, and the actors pursuing the global food security and agricultural equality. The course is interdisciplinary, with an emphasis on sustainable and equitable global development, focusing on food insecurity, exploitative economic relationships, and the poverty in the Global South that results from these global systems. Three credits.



DEVS/WMGS315 Gender and Development

(CRN 22149/22150) This course will examine a number of ways to understand what gender and development mean, and the ways in which the two intersect. For instance, the course will explore such questions as, how can thinking intersectionally change the practices of development and of international institutions of development?; and, how local and gendered actors respond to development policies? Sub-themes in the course include women and work, gender and health, empowerment, environment, sustainable development, and others. Credits will be granted for only one of DEVS 315 and DEVS 391(ST: Gender and Development). Cross-listed as WMGS 315. Three credits


ECON 101: Introductory Microeconomics

CRN (14053) This course provides an introduction to microeconomic concepts and methodology. Students will learn about basic concepts such as scarcity and opportunity cost, and economic efficiency. The other central themes of the course include theories of supply and demand; the theory of production and costs, the functioning and the performance of competitive markets versus monopolies and oligopolies; labour markets and the markets for public goods. Three credits.

ECON 102: Introductory Macroeconomics

(CRN 14054) The second half of introductory economics provides an introduction to macroeconomic concepts. The course examines pressing problems and issues in the Canadian economy and the world. Students will learn about alternate economic systems, national income accounting and the components of the national economy; the role of money in the economy; inflation; unemployment; international trade and trade policy; and the role of government in managing the economy. Three credits.




EDUC 534: Introduction to the Foundations of Education

In this course, students are asked to critically examine their own practice and its context. Issues of power and privilege as they operate in the field of education are central unifying themes of the course. The investigative approach includes ethical reasoning, autobiographical reflection, arts/aesthetics, deconstruction, and sociological analysis.


This course is part of the Masters of Education Graduate Program.


EDUC-527 Principles of Learning

This course examines theories of learning and development and their implications for instruction. This course will explore general and behaviorist theories and aspects of cognitive learning that are relevant to understanding the diversity of learners.


This course is part of the Masters of Education Graduate Program.


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