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1. What's the difference between the programs, courses, and open learning?

a. StFX offers several for-credit, degree programs that are completely online. There may be some synchronous or live components, but those components are 100% digital. We also offer individual credit-based courses for StFX undergraduate and graduate students as part of their academic degree program. You must apply and enroll at StFX in order to take these programs and courses.

b. Open Learning courses offer Continuing Education Units as credit (CEUs), but are not available for academic credit. In most cases, these courses are self-paced and can be purchased and started immediately.

c. Open Learning courses that are offered through the Coady International Institute are run at various times throughout the year and require learners to apply to the courses. For more information about these courses, see the Coady International Institute FAQ page.

2. Can I register others for the Open Learning?

a. If you purchase more than one license of an Open Learning course, you can assign the course licenses to co-workers or employees. If you are purchasing only one license of a course for someone else, you must enter that person's information upon Checkout. We cannot transfer individual course licenses.

3. Who do I contact with a billing or payment issue?

a. For questions about payment and billing for Programs and Courses, please see the Student Accounts | FINANCIAL SERVICES ( page or email

b. For questions about payment and billing for Open Learning courses, please email

4. What payment options do you offer?

a. Programs and Courses require you to apply and enroll at StFX, which will create a student account for you to use to submit payment. Please visit the Student Accounts page for more information.

b. Open Learning courses can be purchased via our StFX Online page. We accept most credit cards. Invoicing options are available on the checkout page.

5. How do I pay if I'm an international student?

a. For Programs and Courses that require you to apply and enroll at StFX, please visit the Student Accounts page for more tuition and payment information specific to International Students.

b. Open Learning courses can be purchased by adding a course to your cart and using the payment options offered upon checkout.

6. How can I receive a refund?

a. Programs and Courses refunds are based on StFX's drop and withdrawal policy. Please see StFX's Online Refund policy for more information.

b. Refunds are not available for Open Learning courses.

7. How do I access my courses after purchasing?

a. StFX Programs and Courses are accessed through the traditional Moodle site at St. Francis Xavier University: Log in to the site (

b. StFX Online Open Learning courses (including Coady International Institute courses) can be accessed through the StFX Online Moodle site at

8. What do I do if my password to the StFX Online Moodle isn’t working?

a. The easiest way to resolve this issue is to select the 'Forgotten your username or password'; link below the login section on the screen. As a reminder, your username will be the email address you used to set up your account and your password is the password you entered upon checkout and purchasing of the Open Learning. If you are unable to successfully use this feature, submit a request through the Contact Us form.

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