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Internationally Educated Nursing (IEN)

NURS-115 Health Teaching & Learning

In contrast to health protection and illness prevention, health promotion is a broad and holistic concept. This course explores the concept of health promotion; the nurse’s role in health promotion; the teaching-learning process; population health; social action and justice; and the socio-cultural, economic, and political factors that influence health and health behaviour.


NURS-135 Contemporary Issues in Canadian Nursing

The foundation for all subsequent nursing courses, this course explores the evolution of nursing as a profession, including its theoretical and philosophical bases. Topics include Orem’s self-care theory, legal and ethical issues, health care reform, the image of professional nursing, and changing health care priorities.


NURS-202 Community Mental Health Nursing II

Examines the theory of and concepts in mental illness, treatment regimens, and nursing interventions in a community setting. Students will apply mental health nursing principles to specific clinical disorders.


NURS-205 Community Health Nursing

This course explores the role of the community health nurse in the context of a changing health care system. Topics include population health, primary health care, community assessment, epidemiology and demography, environment and ecology, cultural competence, ethics, and community-as-partner.

NURS-245 Aging and the Older Adult

This course covers the process of growing older with reference to theories on universal aging. Students will learn to improve the function, quality of life, and self-care abilities of the elderly well, to assist them in maintaining independence. Topics include aging-related changes; the role of the family and other aggregates; how elderly adults define and promote their health; the use of community resources.

NURS-330 Legal and Ethical Issues in Nursing

This course examines the moral and ethical implications of various practices in the field of health care as they affect human life and the basic dignity of the person. This course also explores the moral, ethical, legal, and theological issues raised by recent developments in the life sciences.


NURS-405 Nursing of Adults I

A theory- and practice-based course exploring chronic health issues related to violence, immune system dysfunction, cancer, and other selected conditions. Cultural diversity, competency and safety, the consequence of an altered immune system, infection, symptom management, women's health, and palliative care will be studied from a nursing perspective in this course.


NURS-415 Nursing of Adults II

This is a theoretical and practice-based course exploring chronic health issues related to diseases of the nervous, endocrine, and sensory systems, among others. In a primary, secondary, or tertiary setting, students will deliver comprehensive medical or surgical nursing care to adults at risk for or experiencing a complex health problem. Leadership practice component.


NURS-425 Comprehensive Health Assessment

This theory and practice course focuses on a systematic assessment of the well adult. Students will incorporate health history and physical examination of body systems in identifying self-care requisites for a diverse population.


NURS-494 Leadership and Management in Nursing

This course is an examination of nursing leadership theories and management models and their relationship to client care. The course explores the changing roles and expectations for registered nurses as leaders in the health care system.

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