Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Canada

University Preparatory Courses

MATH 001-University Math Prep: Pre-Calculus

This non-credit interactive course is intended to prepare students for university level math courses. Some of the main topics studied in this course are mathematical functions, trigonometry, and an introduction to limits.

This online course uses Moodle and Collaborate (a microphone and speakers or headset is required) and features 12 lessons, video lectures, supplementary materials as well as guidance and feedback from the instructor. This is a great opportunity to prepare for successful participation in university math courses, from the convenience of your home, and with flexibility for your schedule.

MATH 002-University Math Prep: Professional Programs

Mathematics is the science of numbers, quantity and space. The aim of University Preparatory Math for Professional Programs (non-credit) is to provide a student-oriented math course for learning or reviewing mathematical concepts and skills that are necessary for success in a variety of professional programs (e.g. Nursing, Nutrition, Human Kinetics or Business Administration).

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