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MATH 002-University Math Prep: Professional Programs



Mathematics is the science of numbers, quantity and space. The aim of University Preparatory Math for Professional Programs (non-credit) is to provide a student-oriented math course for learning or reviewing mathematical concepts and skills that are necessary for success in a variety of professional programs (e.g. Nursing, Nutrition, Human Kinetics or Business Administration).

The course is comprised of four modules:

  • Module 1: Numeracy and Operations (Exponents, fractions, percentages, ratio & proportions)
  • Module 2: Systems of Measurement and Conversion (Imperial and apothecary measurement systems, application of measurement and dose conversion)
  • Module 3: Algebra and Functions for Statistics (Algebraic expressions & equations, linear equations in two variables, functions used in statistics)
  • Module 4: Describing and Organizing Data (graphing calculator resource, introduction to statistics & describing data, standard deviation & probability, statistical graphs)

These modules are designed to build mathematical competence and confidence with basic numeracy, computations, measurement, conversion, algebra, functions and statistics. Mathematical competence will support the learner to become more successful in the course work required to complete their professional programs.


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