Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Canada

Transforming Practice, Learning Equity, Learning Excellence



Background and Goals:

StFX recognizes that we are stronger when we honour our differences. Valuing and promoting equity, diversity and inclusion creates a campus community where we support the needs and aspirations of our students, faculty and staff by being creative, adaptable and inclusive in our practice and policies. We provide opportunities to members of all communities to participate, engage and belong.

The Transforming Practice: Learning Equity, Learning Excellence curriculum aims to address an existing gap in professional development opportunities for faculty and student services professionals in higher education in Nova Scotia. 

The curriculum aims to do the following:

  • introduce faculty and staff to research in areas such as anti-racist, anti-ableist, anti-oppressive, universal design for learning, and culturally responsive pedagogy and practices;
  • establish a shared understanding of foundational concepts and issues related to educational inequities;
  • encourage self-reflection related to systems of inequity and personal privilege and bias;
  • amplify the work of practitioners and scholars who are integrating inclusive and equity-centered practices; and
  • provide concrete strategies for enacting equity-centered approaches in curriculum, instructional methods, assessment, and across a multitude of intersecting student services.

Excerpt From: Project Working Group. “Transforming Practice: Learning Equity, Learning Excellence.”



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