Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Canada

Leadership for Young Professionals


January 18 - March 21, 2024

Application deadline: November 24, 2023

Online Delivery

Facilitators: Addy Strickland and Alaa Salih

We hear about leadership all the time – in the contexts of our workplaces, governments, schools, and communities… but what is leadership really?

This course is intended to support young professionals in the early stages of their careers (less than 5 years) in the workforce as they explore what leadership means to them in the context of their work and future goals. It will offer participants the chance to grow their understanding of what leadership means, explore their own personal strengths as leaders, learn new skills, and begin to think through how they can apply their leadership in the workplace.

The facilitation style for this course is highly participatory, and prioritizes self-reflection and participant-driven learning. Course participants will be actively involved in shaping their own experience, and should not expect a more traditional lecture-based classroom.


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