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Indigenous Women in Leadership



Indigenous women traditionally held places of honour, respect, and leadership within their families and communities as our advisors and caretakers of life, lands, and resources. Indigenous women are natural leaders and decision-makers; keepers of knowledge, culture and language; protectors of land and water; activists and cycle-breakers. Indigenous women are reclaiming their rightful place as leaders.

This course supports Indigenous women in revitalizing roles and responsibilities and reclaiming places of honour and respect as leaders within their communities and organizations. It is grounded in relational practices and will guide you to identify and connect with cultural values, build upon your already trusted leadership capacities for community-led, community-driven development, and create spaces for social change.

This seven-week course will also provide you with opportunities to learn and explore the abundance of strengths and gifts that live within you and your community as it reflects  Indigenous teachings, relational leadership models, and approaches. Principles and tools are also shared.

This course is for First Nations (status or non-status), Métis, and Inuit women of all ages and backgrounds who have some prior leadership experience and are interested in engaging in social change and becoming active members of a national network of supportive Indigenous leaders.

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Benefits and Learning Objectives


In this course, you will:

Reflect upon lived experiences and leadership practices for personal strengths and motivations.

Explore the stories and experiences of other Indigenous women to build a leadership profile to uncover your values, skills, and capacities.

Create an action plan to further build upon your strengths and capacities.

Develop an understanding of opportunities and practical strategies for overcoming challenges.

Learn tools for supporting community-driven change.

Connect, collaborate, and learn from your peers’ approaches for building community well-being.

By attending this course, your organization will be able to:

  • Build on the foundations of strong leadership skills and awareness to support change.
  • Develop relational approaches to increase the social capital of their communities.
  • Develop vision and leadership approaches that support and lead to innovation and social change.


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