Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Canada


BSAD 111: Introduction to Business

(CRN /Lab ) An introduction to the Canadian business environment including exposure to the issues, trends, forces, organizations and personalities affecting businesses in Canada. The course exposes students to the types of teaching/learning experiences they will encounter in the BBA program, including case studies, teamwork, exercises, presentations, simulations, readings and lectures. Credit will be granted for only one of BSAD 111 and BSAD 101. Three credits and lab.



BSAD 221: Introductory Financial Accounting

(CRN ) An introduction to basic concepts, principles, and procedures underlying financial accounting and financial statement preparation and interpretation. Three credits.





BSAD 223: Introductory Managerial Accounting

(CRN ) An introduction to the basic concepts of management accounting and the use of accounting information for managerial decisions. Three credits.





BSAD 231: Foundations of Marketing

(CRN ) Customers do not buy products. They buy benefits, satisfactions, and solutions. Students will leave this course with the client focus central to effective marketing. The course introduces core marketing concepts, employs exercises and cases to develop students’ analytical skills, and provides an opportunity to demonstrate these skills through development of a comprehensive marketing plan. Three credits.




BSAD 241: Financial Management l

(CRN ) Covers fundamental aspects of financial decision-making, including financial analysis and planning, valuing stocks and bonds, capital budgeting, accessing capital markets, the cost of capital, and working capital management. Three credits.




BSAD 261: Organizational Behavior

(CRN ) Organizational behaviour introduces students to the context, concepts, principles and theories of human behaviour in organizations. The topics explored range from motivation to teamwork to communication. The objective is twofold: to understand how an organizational member might experience, interpret, and manage human relations as an individual and a group member; and to understand how the influences on human behaviour in turn contributes to organizational effectiveness. Three credits.



BSAD 281: Foundations of Business Information Technology

(CRN ) This course introduces information technology and management in modern organizations. Key topics include innovation and competitive advantage through IT, enterprise systems, cloud technology and social media, business intelligence and analytics, security, privacy and ethics. The course will use cases of technology intensive organizations to illustrate concepts. Credit will be granted for only one of BSAD 281 or INFO 102. Three credits.



BSAD 345: Personal Financial Management

(CRN ) This course draws on the principles of finance and applies them to decisions faced by individuals in the management of their personal finances. The course explores the planning process using readings, cases and problems. Three credits.





BSAD 363: Human Resource Management

(CRN ) A review of the many functions of human resource management, including but not limited to employee selection, development, appraisal and compensation, in addition to the broader social and legal context which influences the HR practice. This course makes a case for the strategic role that proper management of human resources plays in successful organizations while providing an important critique of the practice. Credit will be granted for only one of BSAD 363 or SMGT 322. Three credits.



BSAD 383: Mobile Commerce

(CRN ) This course focuses on concepts that will help business managers to take advantage of the evolving world of mobile commerce (m-commerce) and social media opportunities. The various concepts include e-business models, e-business technology infrastructure, building e-commerce mobile presence, social networks and mobile platforms for marketing and advertising, digital content and media, online retail mobile commerce from various industries, supply chain management and collaborative commerce, m-commerce security and payments, and ethical issues in m-commerce. Credit will be granted for only one of BSAD 383 or BSAD 415/INFO 446. Three credits.


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